2017/05 – fi

Lagoon-malliston uusin tulokas on vuonna 2015 julkaistu42, joka korvaa alemman 420 :n. Se edustaa Lagoonin uutta ajattelua, jossa masto on siirretty taaksepäin ruffin etureunasta sen keskelle. Tamä on valmistajan mukaan parantanut…

2016/09 – en

As with other recent Lagoons, the entire sail plan and rig have been shifted aft, which opens up the foretriangle and the option to set any number of downwind sails…

2016/09 – de

Starke Leistung, eine innovative Rigg-Geometrie, spannende Ideen und mehr Freude am Segeln: Der neue LAGOON 42 kann in der Welt der Fahrtenkatamarane viele Marken setzen. Der …

2016/08 – en

The central position of the mast offers numerous advantages: an aerodynamically effective rig, with the possibility of having a self-tacking jib, a large foretriangle offering a wider choice of sails, and a shortened boom that is easier to …

Nautica Y Yates
2016/07 – es

Lo que está haciendo Lagoon es una transformación de su gama, con cambios en el diseño y modificaciones sustanciales en el aparejo y en la maniobra destinadas a mejorar el comportamiento sin alterar la esencia del …

2016/06 – en

New rig, level living area and sweeter lines – small changes make the new Lagoon 42 a slick package, Sam Jefferson finds

Multicoques Magazine
2016/06 – fr

La géométrie de gréement constitue à elle seule une avancée technique significative, mais un gros effort de créativité s’est aussi concentré sur le poste de barre, la console de manœuvre, l’ergonomie et la communication avec le …

Multihulls World
2016/06 – en

The geometry of the rigging on its own constitutes a significant technical advance, and also a lot of effort has been concentrated on the helm station, sail handling console, ergonomics and communication with the cockpit.

2016/06 – en

The Lagoon is spacious and pleasant in this respect, and the premise of keeping everything on one level works well in maximising the feeling of space by blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor space. The galley was particularly well thought out as it was nicely…

Multihulls World
2016/04 – en

An elegant silhouette, flowing curves which, by virtue of a noticeable acceleration of the lines in the bows and in the new coach roof design, emphasize the powerful and dynamic nature of this new model.